How To Remove Cv Axle From Hub

How To Remove Cv Axle From HubBall joint nut: torque 36 to 43 lb-ft. After that use a pry-bar or large flat screwdriver to pry the shaft out of the differential. All I do is put the flat end of a crow bar between the axle housing tube and the end of the CV and pry it. GUIDE TO AXLES & CV JOINTS. The nut will be extremely tight. Pull the whole knuckle off, Axle included. If it won't move you can use a punch to help free it up, you may even need an air hammer for those really stuck Cv shafts. Next you'll have to figure out if you can just pop off the bottom control arm (s) and pull the hub/bearing assembly out far enough to get the axle to slide out of it. And want to remove the right side axle shaft in one. (a) Using a socket wrench (30mm), install a new axle hub LH nut. The outer CV joint includes a stub axle that fits through the wheel-bearing hub and is secured to the hub with a 30mm nut. The rosebud tip on the torch and heating the hub ’til it glowed whilst i had the skinniest guy in the shop literally hanging off the arm doing everything he could to maintain 25 tons of pressure on the axle whilst i. I loosened the ball joints and take the axle nut off it'll give you plenty of room. Then you remove the knuckle/hub/rotor as an assembly. The CV axles (halfshafts) on your front-wheel drive car can develop a rip or leak pretty easily, leading to noisy driving and eventually axle unreliability. This will slowly separate the CV joint from the HUB. Remove the axle bolt by placing a bar between two lug bolts to prevent the hub from spinning. I have a question about removing a cv axle from the driverside of my 2007 1500 4x4. since you do not need to remove the steering knuckle/strut. Then install the hub onto the shaft and install the outer hub bearing. lonestar245 » When removing the drivers side drive shaft, it has a ring inside that holds the shaft in place, and requires some force to remove the drive shaft. You simply strike the side of the cv joint with a brass or rubber. 5) Install the supplied 23x17 mm ball bearing onto the CV driveshaft's stub axle, them press it into the hub carrier or steering block. If drive axle shaft is stuck in knuckle/hub assembly, use plastic or soft-faced hammer to tap drive axle shaft from knuckle/hub assembly. Remove the brake rotor and set it aside. Remove the hub bolts and the wheel hub and bearing. The axle you can pop out of the transmission, if you just want to remove the cv joint you need to take off the wheel, undo the two nuts for the hub, remove the end nut on the axle, slide it out of the hub, and then cut the clamp on the boot of the cv. A faulty CV joint results in axle failure, which makes your car not safe to drive due to the poor handling ability of your vehicle. Do i need to remove my front driveshaft too. The new cv axles went in with a tighter fit and the play was all but gone at the hub so I believe they must had some wear on the part of the cv axle that rides on the needle bearing in the hub. Drop lower control arm and pull axle from spindle. Look further down the axle to see where it meets the transmission. I had a similar situation 2 years ago. Lubricating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts. ) To change the driver's side front axle, you also need to drain the transmission fluid. If your vehicle has a cotter pin securing the axle nut, you will need to remove it. The conventional boot is a seamless whole, which can only be installed after taking the axle out of the car. Torque for the bolts is 33 ft-lbs plus an additional 60 degrees of angle-tighten. this is most often heard during sharp turns at lower speeds. Once you have the axle nut off you should be able to push the axle in towards the engine with the bottom of the palm of your hand. Soak that thing down before you get to far into it like before you . 3" die grinder started the cut, finished with 4 & 1/2" grinder with metal cutting disc Thought I could get the shaft out of hub with BFH. Removing 325xi front drive axle. Constructed from premium materials, these wheel hubs guarantee accurate fit and durability. You should do this the same way you removed your old axle. Since the disassembly process is the same for the 8. Tip: sometimes it helps to turn the steering wheel to one way or the other to gain a bit more clearance when removing the CV axle assembly. Remove the hub bearing and the brake disc shield by removing the hub's retaining nuts from the back side of the steering knuckle. How To: Remove a driveshaft hub nut on a front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicle How To: Install bearings for your car How To: Replace warped brake rotors on your car How To: Replace the CV shafts on an '04 Subaru Outback How To: Replacing a rear axle U joint. After removing CV axle nut pull the spindle assembly as far outward as possible and then you can remove the CV shaft from the hub. I'd like to pull the axle out of the hub and take a look at it and if necessary, replace it. Remove the cotter pin from the axle nut, and then remove the axle nut. CV axle shaft splines may rust onto the wheel hub splines making it difficult to separate the two. I believe aamco, or pepboys are good places to go. The noise from rear axle is sometimes difficult to gauge due to wheel bearing. Unhook and then unplug the ABS sensor. Hang the caliper aside with a bungee cord. I can't see how cutting the axle would be helpful with removing the hub. The CV axle shaft by SurTrack is manufactured. Remove the front wheel and the central dust cap beneath it. Use snapring pliers to remove the snapring from the end of the axle shaft. (when I saw the other needle bearing in the hub I was sick, thinking it was the real problem all along. July 18, 2012 at 11:00 am #462401. Removed the brake caliper and tied it out of the way and removed the abs sensor cable by removing the clips holding it. Also, in almost all cases, use a new axle nut. How to remove a CV axle that's seized into the hub. Avoid hard hammer blows on the axle shaft for it may damage the axle shaft threads. I then removed the axle together with the hub from the car. This will pull the axle far enough away from the transaxle to allow removing it without the axle getting in the way. What is happening to you is that the bearing assembly is corroded into the steering knuckle. You can use a wire brush, emery cloth, or a fine file. Lastly, slide the rotor off of the axle and carefully set it aside. Install the four bolts that hold the hub to the knuckle and torque to 73 ft-lbs. That way you don't even need to remove the transaxle side of inner cv-joint from the transaxle. Eventually you may get a CV axle failure (meaning you'll lose the ability to drive), but it won't be for a LONG while. Put the nut back on the axle and torque to 180 ft-lbs, then stake the lock with a hammer and punch. If the outside one is bad I am sure the inside one needs to. You may need to use a gear puller on the hubs. ● Now take this tool to the position where the CV joint axle is stuck into the transmission. Start by removing the hubcap for the respective wheel of the CV axle to be replaced. for removing the cotter pin out of the axle snout. Support the axle housing with a jack. by VolvoTurbo850 » 11 Sep 2010, 03:13. No amount of prying or hammering would remove the shaft I searched online and found the idea to air-hammer the bearing to oblivion. The CV (constant velocity) axle shafts on a Toyota Corolla integrate the transaxle of the front wheel drive transmission with the wheel. 2- Remove the screw from the back of the Vise Grip brand (now Irwin Vise Grip) and install into the slot of the Axle Puller 27032 attachment. Dura Blue 3 Piece Posi Lock Nut $74. With less than 10 seconds to make an impression, follow these tips to write a CV which gets noticed for all the right reasons. We carry excellent aftermarket products that will replace OEM axles, getting you back out riding again. The axel has to go into the hub assembly freely, if it doesn't then clean and file any nicks. With the drum and rotor out of the way, you will see a hub face with two large holes. as bolt spacing is not uniform. After that is removed then you can remove the hub. Twist and pull on the axle to remove it. I replaced mine, just removed the tire, axle nut and wheel bearing. Then used the 5 lb hammer to try to beat the hub off. Separate the front part of the CV shaft from hub then prepare to remove the back of the shaft from the front axle. Rear Axle Puller Set SKU 094801 27202 9999 • Use for Flange-Type Rear Axle and Bearing Removal on Most Late Model Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Front Hub Puller/ Installer Set SKU 900826 6999 27192 • For Removing and Installing Most Front Wheel Drive Hubs Servicing of Wheel Bearings Front Wheel Drive Hub Puller SKU 002050 2500 27037 STORE. 1)Jack, Chock, and remove the tire. NOTICE: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. First I took off the breaks and rotor, then disconnected everything from the knuckle except the rear arm on the top of the knuckle and swivled the knuckle upwards and pushed the pin on the CV joint out of the hub. Loosen the lug nuts with the vehicle on the ground. By drawing the axles in direction of the wheel you may press it off the gear box. 9) Attach Disk Rotor with a couple of lug nuts. Refer to FAX-40, "Exploded View". How Do You Fit A Stub Axle?. How To: Replace the rear wheel bearing hub in a 1998-2004 Dodge Intrepid How To: Use a coffee maker to install wheel bearings into an axle without a press How To: Remove, inspect, and reinstall trailer hub bearings How To: Remove a bolted hub wheel bearing. Remove the caliper from the knuckle by removing the bolts (#17 in Figure 2). I just can't take the CV joint off the shaft to install the new boot. 5 out of 5 stars 327 2 offers from $32. while waiting for a new part could i safely take out the cv axle so it is not dangling there and still drive the truck? basically the only thing i am worried about is if the nut holding the cv shaft to the hub hold any load for the wheel bearing or its its purpose only for the shaft? thanks. Secure the vehicle on jack stands. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 7, 2018. How to change an IFS CV Joint. You'll have to pound the axle out of the hub using rust penetran and a BFH, destroying the bearing/hub assembly in the process. so there is no need to counter hold the nuts while removing the bolts. One of my CV joints is shot so I bought myself a replacement half-shaft and am trying to replace it. How to Replace CV Axle Passenger Side 1992. Will I have to completely remove the axle from the car (unbolt the inner CV joint from the tranny) to get the outer CV joint removed from the axle? K. If the drive axle cannot be pulled out of the wheel bearing, then the drive axle can be pushed out of the wheel bearing using the Drive Shaft Remover -T10520-. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the single screw on the face of the hub assembly, while holding the spring-loaded inner lock ring in place. One side of the axle bolts onto that flange. Hit control arm with hammer to break the ball joint loose, pull up and out of the control arm. How To Change a Honda Accord Axle Seal. The rear of the TSX uses a bolt-in hub bearing assembly that is very easy to change out, once you get to it. Take off the wheels and place the lug nuts and wheels in a safe. Bring back the factory-like condition of your vehicle with Timken Wheel Hubs. I have been trying for 2 hours to pry it out with a 3 foot pry bar and its not budging. ABN Axle Popper Kit - 2 Piece Inner CV Axle Removal Tool Set CV Popper Wedge and Shim Ball Joint Separator Tools 4. AWD 2013-2017 FRONT 185/250-ft/lbs/Nm Always replace nut/bolt after removal. When I got it back together the left front hub wouldn't turn after I tightened the axle nut. If you do find a leaking or torn CV joint boot, the proper course of action is to remove the entire drive axle and replace the boot, and often the CV joint, which we exmplain here. Remove the CV axle nut cotter pin. How do you remove the cv axle on a 1989 isuzu trooper2. For removing the entire axle be careful with transaxle output seal. 8-inch and Chapter 5 for the 9-inch axle). If you are on a lift which I assume you are, use a trans jack to lift the hub up and the axles should come right out. Once the CV joint is almost completely disconnected. Dodge Ram 1500 CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement Costs. After the three bolts are out, (think they are 14mm) then you can get at the hub. What tools you need to do a CV boot replacement yourself. You shouldn't have to have an alignment after a bearing/axle. Re: Removing Driver\'s Side CV Axle Remove the 32mm nut, remove tie rod end, remove lower ball joint, using a long prybar pry the lower control arm from the knuckle, knock on end of axle to loosed from hub assy. Swing Sway bar up and back to allow for easy removal of the OEM axles. Remove axle cotter key and nut. Lastly, pull the end of the CV axle joint out from the wheel hub assembly. Two weeks ago i replaced both the drivers and passengers side cv axles. I removed cv axles and capped off the cups. Using the leverage of a pry bar, separate the axle shaft from the transmission. There is a small C-clip on the axle that you will feel snap into place. Bavarian Autosport served the needs of BMW and MINI enthusiasts from 1974-2019. Put the wheel back on, lower the truck. He explains how to recognize the problem, presents the homemade tool he uses in the repair, briefly explains how to make the tool, and then uses it in conjunction with a sledgehammer to break the bearing off of the car. Pull old CV Axle out of the hub assembly. If the rotor appears to be stuck, make sure that the parking brake is disengaged, or try striking the rotor hub face with a hammer until it breaks free. The axle is stuck to the hub assembly and not the hub assembly to the steering knuckle. PRO TIP - If an axle seal is replaced in conjunction with other work that makes it accessible, such as a CV axle replacement, the additional labor for the axle seal is usually about two-tenths of the other labor charges. CV Boot Replacement Without Removing Axle. So my cv axle spacer for my lift has cracked and come apart. Step 8 Hammer the wheel tripod back on using a brass hammer or some plywood and a framing. Rotate the rotor back and forth to line up the splines and push the axle in as far. After much effort getting various rusted/seized parts off, I was finally able to replace the front right wheel bearing on a 2010 Rio LX. Hold the wheel hub and bearing. How to Remove the Front Axles From a Dakota. Remove the CV axle by pulling down on the steering knuckle while pushing in on the axle and it will barely clear. Loosen the axle nut with a 32mm socket so it's flush with the axle. With all of the accessory hub items removed, remove the axle from the transmission. You'd then replace it and the boot, lubricate the new and old joint with fresh grease. Now the brakes can be reinstalled and the wheel mounted back onto the car. The CV shaft is locked into the wheel hub flange by splines. Remove the 2 13mm nuts that secure the axle to the center carrier and it will all slide right out as a unit. How to Remove Axle Bearings: 10 Steps (with. Chevrolet Silverado: How to Remove Frozen, Rusted Wheel Hub. Replacing CV Axles You can replace your own CV axles. Remove cone washers by tapping on ends of bolt studs with brass drift and hammer. How to Remove Rear Axle Bearing Without Puller. CV Axle Installation Make sure that both the new and old CV axles are the same design. Most guys run the stubs through the hub bearing if anything. joint removal AUDI A4 B6 FRONT CV AXLE SHAFT REPLACEMENT REMOVAL How to replace CV boot or CV joint - VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat 2000 audi a4 quattro 1. I went wayyy to far in taking things apart to get the axle pulled. This can damage the wheel bearings, the splines in the hub, the CV joint, and/or the differential gears. The axle assembly should slide right off the inner and outer stub axles. 0 LQ4 swap BlackBear Tuned, RCX, 20x12 Gears, 33" Nittos, Vette servo, Aeroforce Interceptor, 06 front, Efans, LED rear light, Airaid MIT, Weathertech. The CV shaft will be left sticking out of the diff. Remove the drive axle hub nut and washer. Under the axle beam, place the jack stands on both sides of the truck. Ok well it's been a long time coming but I've finally gotten around to putting together a "How To" guide on removing the rear hub and axle on an AU with IRS. Additionally, can you drive a truck without front CV axle? Registered. Change Out An ATV Axle; Removal And Installation Steps. After all mounting bolts have been removed grasp the bearing housing and spindle and work it outward and away from the axle. Install a new snap ring to the halfshaft. How to Remove Stuck CV Axle. Alternatively, a pry bar could be gently used. Now you are ready to remove the CV shaft. Removing Stuck CV axle / CV Joint. Use a hub nut wrench (J-36827 or equivalent) to loosen and remove the hub nut. Axle shaft comes w/ ABS Ring; w/o ABS may need to remove ring. Something you might want to try would be adding silikroil to your arsenel. The Outlaw halfshafts feature upgraded 31-spline axles along with 31-spline billet machined CV joints. The stub axle has wheel bearings that support the wheel hub. Slide the inboard end of the axle into position inside the transaxle. Jack up the vehicle front and support on axle stands. Tighten the nut to 406 Nm (300 ft-lb) Page 20 16. link to a hammer with the bits included. You need to pull the bottom ball joint out of the steering knuckle in order to get the axle out. Now, you want to remove these two 10mm bolts. Depending on your vehicle, you may need to remove the brake caliper and/or steering knuckle. 10lb Heavy Duty Inner CV Axle Removal Tool for FWD Vehicles Front Wheel Drive Axle Half Shaft Removal Tool,CATUDIY Inner CV Joint Puller Tool & Slide Hammer Puller Set with 48&63MM Joint Fork Adapters. I just replaced a broken cv axle on my 2010 f150. 12) Remove the six 12mm nuts and washers at the base of the manual hub. Fill the CV joint with grease and get it ready to slide back onto the shaft. Be careful as axle assemblies are surprisingly heavy. 5 Pry brakeline clips off with hammer and flatblade screwdriver; remove line from retainer. com/gp/product/B003WE9ZGQ/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&. auto lock hube are on the older trooper's with the light and wiper switches on the dash. Pick up the spindle assembly, pull it out and turn it towards the front of the car. Obviously, since the right torque is so important, you need to use your torque wrench for installation. 2) Removing the CV is generally a PITA. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 GMT800 (1999-2006). Remove half shaft hub/bearing nut. After removing the outboard side from the hub, I can't get the inboard side free. Remove the CV shaft from the diff. Next, pull the rotor off, remove the old hub, and take apart the hub assembly to access the wheel bearings. half shaft back through the wheel hub. You may need to remove the entire knuckle and have the bearing pressed out. Also if you do not want to disassemble the CV the axle can simply slide throught the tool and you can only remove the boot to remove the stuck CV. Place the middle shaft of the axle (it even has a little indentation to receive it) and the jaws on the wheel hub. The only way to replace the rear axle bearings is to remove the rear axle housing from the unit. Remove cotter pin and axle spindle nut to remove the rotor. Removal of the Axle on the other hand, was a pain and I failed at removing it. I am trying to replace the axle shaft seal on my 96 camry on the drivers side. -Remove the lower (lateral) control arm at the bolt side - we'll just leave the ball joint side attached to the hub assembly. the stud requires a 6mm alan wrench to remove the stud. I have left the inner CV joint intact, and I removed the spindle from the hub. Whatever you do, don't mess up the threads on the drive shaft spindle. Cv Axle Removal??? 2010 f150 lariat. 1: Remove the cotter pin from the end of the axle and loosen the axle nut. Just as you removed the old CV axle, insert the new one into the same spot in the transmission housing. I have the axle nut off, the bolt out of the bearing housing, and the C-Clip off of the shaft. clunking sound on acceleration or deceleration: when. With the old axle nut protecting the end of the axle, tap with axle while pulling the steering knuckle out and away. Click to expand My diff is bad. ly/instantrepairguidesMake your own tool f. Check that there is not any trouble prior to reassembling it. The hub side was splined into the hub and held into place by the axle nut. Unscrew the 6 bolts holding the locking hob dial on (this is assuming you have manual locking hubs). There is a small retainer keyed into the splines of the output shaft from the axle, but it lets go when you pry on the half shaft. CV joints are $225 a pair, and boot kits sell for $15 each. Remove the top bushing, and push the end of the sway bar up to free as well as remove the sway bar end link. Remove the center cap from the wheel and install the wheel onto the hub. As any mechanic knows, it's not the size of the tool that makes it a good thing to have on hand. Remove the CV axle nut using an impact tool and a 30 mm 6-point socket. How to Change Yamaha YFM700 Grizzly Front CV Boot. 6 Loosen and remove bearing retainer bolts (passenger side only) with 12mm box wrench. Replace the axle seals in the transmission before installing the new axle (The seals keeping fluid from leaking out while the axle is installed and spinning). Shaft is hardened; Sawzall with Diablo carbide blade bounced right off of it. I’m sure you can get one at a decent price and save yourself some energy. Audi Q5 2015, CV Axle Shaft by DSS®. An amateur mechanic fresh out of high school can do this repair. Using the C4RS CV tool and following the provided instructions, remove the CV axle from the front differential. Removing the drive axle from the steering knuckle requires the use of a 75mm hub puller. This article provides detailed steps for how to remove and replace the driver's-side CV axle and its axle shaft seal. Remove the axle nut, using an axle nut socket. 5 AWD… I'm attempting to remove and replace the passenger side axle. Remove the two 15mm bolts from the brake caliper bracket. Next is take off the axle nut, this is an aftermarket nut, the OEM nut is a 30MM 12pt. Take off the sway bar endlink from the knuckle 17mm nut. Pry the axle out of the transmission. willyswanter said: You can just put the stub end back in. Step 2 Jack up on the rear jack point located behind the trunk. But non the less you should not have to press or hammer in the hub to get the axel in. To avoid making this mistake, all . Do not pull on the outboard end of the axle - it will come apart, and you'll be fixing or replacing that. There are some very good videos showing you exactly what to do. Damper fork nut (12mm): replace with new self locking nut (Honda part number 90215-SB0-003) and. The tolerance between the shaft and a hub is pretty tight. Damper pinch bolt: torque to 32 lb-ft. The hub end is out after about 15 trips to the auto parts store for various wrenches and specialty tools. Raxles, America's premier supplier of OE quality CV Axles. Once the ball joint and knuckle are separated, slide the axle from the hub assembly by hand. Insert the new CV axle into the transmission housing. Before reinstalling any axle, make sure you clean the splines thoroughly. They're on pretty good - got 90K miles on the truck. As long as the axle is out of the vehicle, total replacement is a good call. I have had a lot of people ask me about cheap online repair guides. Install the axle press onto the hub according to its instructions. The new axle comes with a different style nut and a cotter key instead of the circlip retainer. Always replace the used cotter pins with a new one. Remove axle nut retainer plate and remove axle nut and washer. If the wobble you feel is excessive and increases when accelerating, it could be due to bad CV shafts. Position the parking brake and back plate aside with wire. Both are $415 apiece for stock length, and with a lift over 4 inches is $436. The CV (constant velocity) shafts on your car allow the axel to transfer power to the wheels without an appreciable loss in efficiency. Place your new CV axle into the housing of your transmission. If you are planning to replace the CV joint boot or the drive shaft yourself, you will need a strong torque wrench (or a breaker bar) and the right size socket to break loose the main CV joint lock-nut, also known as axle nut or hub nut (in the photo) because it's very tight. The CV axle (also called CV axle shaft and axle shaft) is responsible for transmitting torque from the transaxle or differential to the wheels. Pull the hub body off Beat the tabs of the lock washer back that. Removing a stuck CV axle from the hub - Seized - IT'S OUT!. Remove the retainer clip and pull the roller tripod off. It bolts onto the hub carrier (aka knuckle) with 2 bolts from the vehicle side of the carrier so you cant see them without sticking your head into the wheel arch. Have the rig in 4W-Lo to keep the axle from turning as you wrench off the nut. The CV axle shaft seal is a rubber or metal seal & is located where a vehicle's CV axle meets the transmission, differential, or transfer case. 10 Reinstall Caliper Bracket (98 ft lbs - Caliper . Remove the cottar pin from the bolt holding the lower control-arm to the steering knuckle with the pliers and then loosen that bolt. Push the CV axle through the hub, bend the CV to allow you to clear the hub, . CV axles in climates that have snow and use road salt can seize to the vehicle's wheel bearing hub. Use this to pry off the hub with a few moderate hammer blows. Slop up the axle splines with some never sieze and you'll be able to take it apart the next time. At this point the CV will still be attached to the differential, go ahead and grab the CV shaft between the two boots and give that CV a few good yanks. LGDWINGS 2PC Axle Popper Kit 12020 Inner CV Axle Removal Tool Set Wedge and Shim Ball Joint Separator Tools Remove Most Vehicles' Half-Shaft Drive Axles Fix Damaged CV Joints $28. Remove the axle bearings using the bearing replacement/removal tool. I have just installed all new ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings, and rocky road upper control arms but cannot for the life of me get the CV axle out of the front differential. (116 Nm) and the bracket mounting bolts to 112 ft. Removed CV joint and axle and clean old grease. The torque spec is very low at 165 IN lbs. There is a special tool you can rent from Auto Zone, etc. Looks like the CV shaft and Axle Stub will both need replaced to fix the problem. Remove this long axle and then repeat this process to free the passenger side CV axle shaft. In addition, I've provided a video on how to replace a split CV boot if you want to avoid a complete axle replacement. From here, you have access to the inside of the axle. Use a 10 mm wrench to loosen the bolts and slide the shaft out of the axle yoke, setting it out of the way. A lug wrench is needed to remove the wheel and tire to access the CV joint. Makes installing a new CV shaft a simpler task. Remove the axle from the vehicle. DSS has the largest and best CV Axle coverage in the industry. How do I remove a CV axle from a hub?. When a technician installs a CV shaft into a wheel hub assembly, he may want to add a lot of lubricant or anti-seize compound to make the job go easier. When I got back it had loosened up. Even if the CV joints or boots are the only parts of the axle to fail, it is often recommended to replace the entire axle. To do this, you will need to remove the automobiles hubcap. Push the CV axle shaft through the wheel hub with some light hammer blows to the shaft. With everything out of the way, the axle is ready to be pulled out. 99 Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 20. If you are not mechanically minded and have to get it done by a mechanic it is probably worth replacing both of the axles on the side that is damaged and replacing the entire part as this saves you having further labor charges down the line when the other axle eventually wears out. Raise and secure the vehicle again. Tusk Racing Axle Replacement Sprocket Hub $69. On most car's there will be a cotter pin that secures the outer axle nut from coming off of the CV joint. While applying the brakes, remove the front axle hub LH nut. 2nd Gen CV Axle Removal Tips/Tricks/Advice. When fully assembled, this is what the break pads normally make contact with. CV Axle Replacement: A Complete DIY How. Since we are discarding the old CV axles, it's ok to use a hammer to tap the axle back through the spindle hub. If it's the CV just get a new one and remove the old one and replace it with a completely new one. I thought I would need a new wheel bearing but I drove it around the block anyway. Use an axle puller to remove the axle bearing, once installed push the shoe of the puller straight which will help it lock behind the bearing. Remove the cotter pin from the axle nut Remove the axle nut Step2: Removing the Wheel and Brake Assembly Jack up the appropriate side of the car Place the vehicle on jack stands Remove the wheel Remove the brake caliper Unbolt the outer tie rod from steering knuckle Unbolt the hub from the strut tower Step3: Removing and Replacing the CV Axle. Clean the axle splines, and slip the new hub assembly onto the axle. Hold the cv axle by the shaft close to the inner u-joint and hit the outer cv. If your like most MINI owners you probably have a bad cv axle. Remove inner CV joint from differential flange. Replacing Toyota AUTO Hubs. Sunluway - 12020-2 Pack Axle Popper Kit - Inner CV Axle Removal Tool Set - for Use on Front Wheel Drive Vehicles-Remove Most Vehicles' Half-Shaft Drive Axles-Fix Damaged CV Joints 27 $30. Install the inner axle shaft of the new CV axle into the transmission. Leave the upper and lower balljoints attached to the control arms. With vehicle in neutral, position vehicle on hoist. Front Axle Hub are shipped directly from authorized Toyota dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Swing the knuckle outward to remove the CV from the hub. bearings, CV joints or transaxle. There are a few ways to remove the axle. I've ordered ACDelco replacement HUB and knockoff axle since I've heard the hub should be. When the axle fails, it is usually because of CV joint failure. Have an assistant hold the brake pedal. Depending on how many miles the car has on it, a rebuilt drive axle complete with CV joints and boots is likely the solution. Remove the two front disc brake caliper adapter to steering knuckle attaching bolts (Fig. All, I have a failed CV axle on the driver side that I am trying to solve. Remove tie rod end from knuckle. That will save me a lot of heartache since I can just jack my car up, unbolt the axle from the flange, and then remove the tire/hub side of the axle as normal. Really sounds like the wheel bearing and not the CV shaft. Be careful to make sure the axle splines are free from the hub. Reassemble the axle on the bench, except for the end stuck in the car, and applied new grease. When the hubs are placed in the lock position, the factory ADD. Unbolt the six bolts holding the axle on the front differential. What is the pupose of a CV joint in the axle of a car?. Place a pry bar or equivalent between 2 lug bolts to hold the hub from spinning. Once you get the old boot and clamps off, you need to remove the CV joint from the axle. Take the wheels off and drain the engine and transmission oil. Good luck, just went through most of this (minus the hub removal) on a CV axle replacement attempt. (I used an air impact and it came right off. Early cars may have locating pins that sit between the CV joint and mating flange. CV shafts for this van run $50-80. Break loose the (6) 17mm bolts that hold the brake disc to the hub. Remove the CV axle and put it in the box the new axle came in---CV axles carry a core fee, which is refundable upon return of the old axle. Help! I removed outboard one no problem, I just tugged and it . Tighten the 30mm bolt to the bottom strut. How to Easily remove pressed. lift kit issue - thanks in advance for reading this. No clips to release or anything like that. - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum However, there apparently wasn't enough room between the diff and the hub. How to Replace the CV Axles on a Classic Air. Remove the (2) 19MM nuts holding the hub to the strut. I buy them and get them instantly @ http://bit. Well I went to leave and the tires spun, so I threw it in neutral and put it in 4 low just to creep out, and it sounds like my out cv knuckle is popping the boot is torn and grease all over it. 5 quarts of gear lube 80/90 or 75/90. Remove the wheel bearing housing with the ball joint from the control arm. I managed to find 2 low mileage axles for my 81 380sl, and I began removing the passenger side axle using the technique dmorrison wrote up for the 123: W123 A How to, replacing rear axles. You will be able to remove the wheel hub assembly as one piece. Service Bulletin TECHNICAL. A part of the procedure for replacing the axle seal is topping off the transmission to replace lost fluid. Replacing the CV axles on on my 07 LX. Can you put 290 Ft-lbs on the front axle hub nut without damaging the hub/bearing? Is it different materials in the axle that call for different torque values? Member of the Dropped Valve Seat Club. Secure the vehicle on jack stand using a wheel underneath the skid plate as a safety. Using a lifting device, position the replacement hub onto the axle and secure with the new hub washer and nut. Does not mean the wheel will fall off. Loosen front hub nut and wheel lug nuts while vehicle is still on floor with brakes applied. Unbolt the axle mounting bracket and remove the halfshaft/bracket assembly. You are going to have to disconnect some of the suspension components. Remove 16 mm sway bar bolt from Control Arm on both side of vehicle. Hey guys, so I tried to replace the CV axle on my f10, the driver side was making a clicking noise when I turned and indeed it was the issue I saw that the outter boot was broken. With axles and hubs aligned, the axle length required at full droop is often longer than the available distance between the CVs when the axles are horizontal. Ford Axle Removal: Complete Step by Step Instructions. Slide the CV boot off the outer CV joint. 5 Step 1: Safety First! 6 Step 2: Loosen the Axle Nut. SOURCE: cv axle 4x4 diferencial. But I don't know what the "outer CV cup spindle" is that I should leave in the hub as stated by GM-Man. Raise the vehicle with a floor jack. Ended up using the other hub removal tool that has a threaded rod that pushes into the end of the axel shaft. 6" ProComp Lift, Custom Air-Ride with Bilstein 5100's, PPEI 40hp Tune, 35x12. Lastly it could be the CV joint but that usually clunks when is starts to fail. I spent hours and hours on it today and. You will use this to remove/torque the hub bolts Breaker bar (another Harbor Freight purchase since it's a pretty basic tool) prybar with a fairly sharp point (I used something identical to this. I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe 3. Had to cut the CV shaft to get the hub off. I actually hold the point a hair off the hole. Make sure C clip is also centered on the axle, not cockeyed. Remove Seized or Stuck CV Axle From Hub. The half shaft arrived in the mail today, so I'll tackle it tomorrow. When installing a CV shaft into a bearing hub assembly, we don't recommend using any lubricant at all. You just remove the nut and press the axle out of the hub. 10 Removal Tool Cv Axle Shafts. Due to my steering knuckle oil seals failure the cv axles had begun rusting themselves into the splines of the hub making removal a frustrating experience, until I drove a 5/8" bolt through the axle puller flange onto the face of the cv axle. Chevy Traverse 2012, Axle Shaft Assembly by DSS®. Drain it in an oil collector and try not to spill all it over. 4pc Front CV Axle Wheel Bearing Hubs for Dodge Charger Magnum Chrysler 300 AWD. roll the boot to one side or the other then you can pull the axle half off. I drive an '08 Yukon Denali; I'm sure all are the same, but just in case. I used the gun to torque the nut but I have no way of knowing how much torque it actually applied. The fast simple way to remove front axles is to do the following: (1) Have ATV up on blocks front end, Steering rod ( tie rod) disconnected, a-arm unbolted from frame and dangling, axles pulled back and are now dangling. We just turned wheel in a good position then held axle away from hub bolts while they were removed. If this does not separate the two, try prying them apart, but do not pound on the end of the shaft with a hammer. I had already partly pried the cv axle out of the differential though, so I tried prying the hub off the axle using the knuckle to get leverage. loosen cv nut remove wheel remove brakes caliper and hang it up remove the lower shock bolt remove the top control arm nut that mounts to the top of the hub i used a flat head screw driver and hammered into the open slot after you remove the bolt i left the lower arm connected and just pulled the cv out with some persuasion. Trying to hammer the axle out with a steel punch or other method of impact can damage the vehicle and is strongly discouraged. The bolt is on under a tremendous amount of torque. Now, just lift up on the upper control arm and pull this back. The original CV axle is seized in the hub - no amount of banging on it or twisting the 3 jaw puller or hot/cold cycles or kroil have made . I had similar drama on my Baja: axle was seized in the hub, bent my 20-ton press. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for nut replacement. (Dmax XD Lifetime Warranty) Dmaxstore XD Steering and suspension parts come with a no questions asked Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 0 May 4, 2011 #6 Maverick4g63 Proven Member 523 1 Feb 28, 2011 Laurel, Mississippi ^agreed. I am in the process of replacing lower ball joints on my 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD. The axle is capable of limited angular speed about the kingpin to drive the vehicle. Be careful not to damage the output seal in the process. it has alot of play where it goes into the differential. No need to remove brakes or hub; (2) apply super penetrant to front axles where they go into the front differential housing. Support the brake caliper with an "S" hook or a piece of wire.